The children of Jeevan Anand Orphanage need a Bus for school.


School is just 30 minutes away but our children have to leave home early because the present bus has only a capacity of 8 children. After dropping first 10 kids, the bus will take second round for other children. The same situation is in returning. So, a group of 10 girls must have to wait for more an hour both side which is not safe! So, we need an appropriate vehicle wherein 20 girls can travel together for school. This vehicle can provide security and safety to the girls at the same time they can reach home in time! They can have more time to play and study as well!

We have explored every other option but all of them were either expensive in the long run, unsafe or just unreliable. We have inquired at the bus company and its cost is about 12 lakhs (INR 1200,000).

Your help will be invaluable! Girls will not lose precious time every single day!!