Create Hope for a child living in poverty today


Millions of children around the world are born into a stark reality: will they work in markets and mines, or go to school? Will they be trafficked into slavery, or be free? Will they be child soldiers, or students? Many children grow up in a daily life marked by violence; the images of abuse, persecution and loss of family. These traumatized children suffer depression, nightmares, loss of self-worth and often are the source of future aggression. Each year an estimated 15 million children die of hunger.

All children around the globe, no matter where they come from, have the rights to education, rights to health, rights to nutritive diet, rights to water, rights to care, and all other rights associated to human. The children who have the access to their rights grow as an independent individual who can break through the cycle of poverty be empowered to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it.

Please join us in giving hope and purpose a home.


Let us stop child labour; Children should have pens in their hands not tools.


Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world!

In our country, due to extreme poverty many children do not get basic need even sufficient food and clothing. Thus, they left their school and start work either in farm or factory as a laborer where they are exploited! And their future is always bleak.

Through this project, we will support number of extremely poor and needy children to provide them proper food, clean drinking water, education, medication, and counselling. So they can become successful and dignified persons in the society.


Poverty keeps them out of school; help a child, save life!


How you can help


We want to do more and you can help. By committing a small fraction of your income to protect children in need, you can help save a child and contribute to humanity. You can donate as low as INR 500 per month.

While Jeevan Anand appreciates monthly donations where you choose to donate a small fixed amount monthly for us to be able to plan our programmes for a longer term, a single donation can also help save a child.

You will get your tax exemption certificate within 15 days of your one-time donation (quarterly in case of regular donors, who pledge monthly donations, after their first month’s donation). You will get quarterly updates on how you are making a difference.