A Home for the children at risk

Jeevan Anand Orphanage


This is a residential project for the orphan and neglected girls of the age of 6 to 18. This project is registered under section 34(3) of Juvenile Justice Act-2000 Amendment 2006 (Care and Protection).

This Orphanage is located in Anand city of Gujarat State, India wherein 20 girls reside fulltime and receive comprehensive aid and care. Such aid and care includes nutritious food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, textbooks, school supplies, school uniforms, vocational training, counselling and job placement. We have dedicated staff-workers to take personal care of the girls; faculties also come and give them personal tuitions after and before school hours. We encourage the girls for extracurricular and social activities including sports and other cultural activities.

Jeevan Anand continues to provide for all their educational and/or living expenses as long as they remain fulltime students to as high a level as they desire and are capable of achieving. We work hard to make them self-reliant and successful persons in the society and responsible citizens of India.


Daily schedule


The girls get up at six in the morning. In the next one hour, they take bath, dress and have their breakfast. After that, they sit for their morning study until school time. A special tuition and coaching teacher has been appointed to supervise their homework and study periods both in the morning and evenings. After the morning study-time, the girls attend a prayer meeting, take lunch and leave the centre for school in the city.

After school, the girls participate in sports, games and exercise for their physical fitness until the evening study period. Before the evening study period starts, the older children bathe, wash clothes and dress, whereas a staff-member takes care of the younger ones. Thereafter the evening study period goes on until dinner time. After dinner, they get together for evening prayer meeting in the prayer hall. Then they prepare for sleep. The older students are permitted to study in a separate study area after the prayer meeting while the younger children must sleep. This schedule is relaxed on holidays.

Jeevan Anand makes every arrangement for the complete overall development of the children. Facilities for computer education are also provided, to help them keep up with the times.


Future Plans

To accept and raise more needy girls


The number of children being referred to us or directly coming to Jeevan Anand is constantly increasing. It is necessary, therefore, to increase the capacity so that we can provide for as many destitute children as possible.

At present we can accommodate only 20 girls as per our building capacity. Our goal and desire is to admit and raise more than 100 girls in the future because during our visits to villages and slum areas we come across many such girls who need help. Sometimes people contact us to accommodate the needy girls in our Home but since we have above limitation, we are unable to do so. There is a bright scope for helping more needy girls if we are able to provide proper facilities.




In order to accommodate more children we need more buildings. At present we use a building on lease having capacity of 20 girls. There are many children in our touch in various villages and communities those who are helpless and living a miserable life! Their future is dark! Therefore, we have made plans to purchase properties that will accommodate sizable community of children. This will provide security to the girls and a gift of bright future! We also will be able to offer them place and means for extra-curricular activities. We plan to build accommodation for the staff workers.




At present the cost of living, Jeevan Anand is spending Rs. 6000/- per month per child taking in to account all direct and indirect expenses. Jeevan Anand is fully funded only by private donations in cash and kind. This is proof of the tremendous reputation, goodwill and support that Jeevan Anand has entered by many years of dedicated services. We have designed many various sponsorship schemes to suit everyone's preference and budget. Please visit our website for more information.


Our request


Jeevan Anand is a very genuine, reputable, charitable and transparently managed social service organization. It is actually doing very valuable work for the society and country by helping orphan, poor and needy children. It not only wants but also really needs your very kind and generous support.

We invite you and request you to visit our centre and inspect all our activities personally. We are very confident that you will be both very satisfied and impressed with our organization, centre, projects and activities. We also request you to tell as many people as possible about Jeevan Anand so that they can also offer their kind and much-needed assistance to the many children under our care. Thank you very much for your very kind and generous support to our social service activities for the orphan children of India.

We are praying for God's people to be our partners in this crucial ministry.